Service for your important Move

You need three things from a real estate agent – things I do really well.

  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Availability


This should be a given, 100%.
The work of an agent is to be your agent, your guide, your representative. Your agent must take this seriously, and truly put YOUR interests ahead of their own.

If it’s better for a client not to move, or anything that means I don’t make any money, that’s good. Advancing their best interests is the purpose of this relationship, and it does not matter how it affects me.

Building Trust takes time, so people often substitute Likability in its place in order to make a fast decision. After all, you want to look at houses, not agents. But if you’re already in a contract before you realize someone is untrustworthy, it’s too late.


If you’ve never bought or sold a house before, you likely have no way of knowing if an agent is any good or not. Many people don’t even worry about this aspect, but people who have gone through the painful or financially-damaging result of choosing a poorly-skilled one know to make this a top priority.

Your agent needs to know the market, the contracts, and every way to protect your money while simultaneously getting you the house (when buying) or net profit (when selling) that makes this transition a success for you.

Hundreds of closings and satisfied clients shows this expertise in Jotham’s work.


If your agent is hard to get in touch with, that’s bad news for your best interests. Availability is important, because how can you get the house or your questions answered if they won’t pick up the phone promptly?


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