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Your house search is different than anyone else’s, primarily because it’s YOURS.

A broad set of criteria may have you similar to a million other people in Atlanta

  • a house in the suburbs
  • with 4+ bedrooms
  • for $500,000

While the more specific you get, quickly the numbers whittle down till there is a single house for you

  • on a cul-de-sac
  • within ten minutes of the interstate
  • with an extra large master closet
  • a garage facing the side
  • in a style that reminds you of an ambiguous image set upon your subconscious in your youth

It’s like that calculation about a deck of cards. There are more possible combinations of card order than there are stars in the universe. Any one combination has practically zero chance of being the next arrangement after a shuffle – yet for one exactly combination it does.

So too the enormity of possibility can at some point make the search for your future home feel daunting. The fear of making a bad choice against the hope of all that could be. I’ll help you face those challenges head-on, and join hundreds of other clients satisfied with the real estate transaction we worked through together.

All that to say… I’m not presuming to know what you (you specifically) want. But it’s very likely you will go through this process, which I’ve seen hundreds of people go through. And at the end arrive at the house meant to be your home.

Browse Online

Very likely your search began by looking at pictures online. Of beautiful houses. At the very top of your price range.

Jump Inside

Next people want to go see one of the houses that looks so pretty in pics. They call the first realtor number they find and get out there tomorrow.

Generally the house seems smaller than it looked in photos. That’s because of high dynamic range, fish eye lenses, and walls being just beyond the frame of a static image. That’s okay, reality isn’t as glamorous as pro photographs, so it’s good for reality to begin setting in.

Get Serious

Next the home shopper is closer to making a real plan. Some take a step back, some take the next step forward.

How much does it cost to have THAT house?
Whatever house it is, people have their heart set on something. Then they get the closest to that they can afford.

Ok which AGENT do I go with?
Trust Competence Availability – those are the three things you need. The family friend’s smiling niece may not be the one to negotiate your largest asset. The agent that can arrive at the house first may not have any other business. The shark may just want to push you through.
Luckily you have Jotham, who puts the client’s interests firsts and has hundreds of successful residential transactions with happy clients to show for it.

Now HOW do I fit this into my schedule?
Good communication is another way we excel in service and ultimately the success of your real estate transaction. We find out what works best for you, then deliver it.

The Real Search

Cast a wide net. We’ll set it as far as you geographically would go.

Get inside. Whether it takes two or twenty, we’ll get you in enough houses to know everything within your budget in the place you want to be.

Find the one. Now we go from unicorn to stallion. I want to find you the perfect house, but that house has to exist. Most of the time people have an expression, while their feet are still in the foyer, and they can see the living room and kitchen, a happy, hopeful, optimistic expression that they share with their spouse before looking at me and telling me to go get them this house.

Lock it Down

Get it under contract. Negotiating to advance your interests and get the best outcome is part of the positive return you get in choosing Jotham and the AtlantaSuburbs team.

Close. Move in. Celebrate

Happily Ever After

Make the house your home. May your family be blessed.
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